Rotary attachment
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XZ-M-I Rotary Attachment

 XZ-M-II Rotary Attachment 

"Friction-style Rotary Attachment" is applied to engrave on large workpiece,artwork,crone,and bevel. It can be adjusted freely for lateral, longitudinal direction and height with wide application,easy operation and high engraving precision.You can adjust it for use according to the size and shape of the processed material.

XZ-K-I Clamp-style Rotary Attachment
 "Threejaw Chuck-style Rotary Attachment" is applied to engrave on these artworks within 1.5-70mm

XZ-K-II Threejaw Chuck-style Rotary Attachment
"Clamp-style Rotary attachment" is applied to small workpiece within 1-16mm.

XZ-F-I Rotary Attachment
"Flange-style Rotary Attachment" is applied to large workpiece, for example: beer barrel, large artworks and so on. There is a finial at the centre of the double ends, so it can also process these longaxones materials with centre hole.